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5 Ways to Prepare For a Hunting Season

The hunting season is almost here, so you need to start preparing for your trip! If you are a beginner in this, you may not be sure what you need to do and where to start. If you are interested in this sport and if you want to start a new hobby, then you need to make the right decisions.

To help you prepare for the hunting season, we created this guide. Follow our tips and make sure you do everything correctly. Start with the most important things and work your way down the list. If you are not sure about anything, you can talk to more experienced hunters, or you can just contact your local wildlife agency.

1. Regulations

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Every country has different regulations when it comes to hunting. You should check and see what you are allowed to do and what is forbidden. You should check to see if you need any documents needed and if you need any licenses. To get the permits, you should contact your local wildlife agency and check the regulations. One thing you should remember is that there are limited numbers of permits, so if you want to be a part of the hunting season, you should get all of the documents on time. You will also need a stamp, depending on the size of the birds or animals you plan on pursuing.

All of these things vary from country to country and depend on the animals that you want to hunt. So be sure to prepare in time, because even one small overlook can affect your whole season. If you are not sure which licenses, stamps, or tags you should get, you can call your wildlife agency or send them an email with your questions.

2. Physical and mental preparations

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You need to be prepared and be in your best shape if you want to be successful. If you don’t have the stamina, you will get tired quickly and you won’t be able to follow or look for the animals. Depending on the location you plan on hunting, you need to hit the gym first and train. If you are going to the hills or the mountains, then you need to be prepared to climb for a long time. You can do that by walking on the treadmill and add an angle, or you can just go hiking.

There will be a time when you will be so tired that you will want to give up and go home. This is where the mental preparations come in place. Your mind can affect your body when you think you can no longer go. However, you need to set realistic goals and train for them. If you don’t do any exercises and if you plan on climbing 2,000 feet, that might be too much for your body or mind to handle. Give yourself enough time and prepare step by step.

3. Get the right gear

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Your success depends on your gear. It will make the difference between feeling comfortable and being able to notice everything around you, or being cold and uncomfortable all the time and missing all the shots.

When we say gear we mean every single thing. Start by buying the right boots. You will spend a lot of time in them, so they need to be durable, comfortable, warm, and water-resistant. You can find these boots in most sports stores or you can go to a special wildlife store where they sell all the necessary gear.

Think about the clothes as well. Once again, you will need something that will keep you warm, but that will also let your skin breathe. Never wear jeans on your hunting trip and make sure you wear several layers so that you can take things on or off, depending on the weather.

Now let’s talk about the more serious stuff. You will need binoculars, invest in a good pair so you can see things no matter how far away they are. The riflescope can sometimes replace the binoculars, and you can find so many different types on the market. Since they are so versatile, you need to be smart when choosing the right one for you, and on Targetfrog.com you can see which riflescopes are the best on the market. Before buying other types of gear, spend some time on the range, so you can practice and find the right equipment for you. Target practicing is a great way to prepare and you should go there as much as you can and in different conditions.

4. Make a plan

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When you organize yourself, you will be able to finish all things on time. Create a checklist with all the things you should do months before hunting, up to the whole trip. Write down all the things you need to get, every piece of equipment you need to check, and the permits you need to renew.

If you plan on taking a longer trip and staying there for more than a day, then you need to think about shelter as well. Talk with your buddies, get a tent, and decide on food. Planning these things in advance will save you a lot of time and a lot of panics when the day comes. Check the sleeping bag, the compass, and sharpen all the knives you plan on carrying with you.

5. Private or public land

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Last, but not least, you need to think about the location. If you use private land, you need to talk to the landowner and coordinate with them. Experts advise talking to them before the season starts and to talk about your agreement. If you have a lease, check if everything is paid for and if you plan on making any changes, inform the landowner.

If you hunt on public land, take a map and study it. Learn all the shortcuts and where your desired hunting place is. You can also go online and see images from the place so you have some idea of the terrain. Try to predict where the other hunters will be, where they will enter the land and where they are most likely to set camp.

Don’t forget to carry a survival kit and if you are hunting with your friends coordinate with them about transport, sleeping arrangements, food, and so on. Check all of your gear beforehand, so if something is damaged, you have enough time to replace it. You can also set up cameras so you know what to expect when it comes to animals and birds.

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