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3 Benefits of Therapy by Phone – 2024 Guide

Every person has had some difficulties in their lives; it is not a shame to ask for help from a therapist, and fortunately, the stigma about it is decreasing. Nowadays it is very normal to seek some help if needed, this can be regular therapy, group counseling, and something that is becoming popular is phone counseling. There are benefits of having this type of therapy over the phone, and here we will list the ones that are essential; so you can know what to expect and how it works.

1. Anonymity

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It can be very hard to talk about your problems, even though you know you need it, this step may be very hard. Just admitting you need professional help is the first step towards being better and it is good to be aware of this. It can be very hard to vocalize the problem since once you actually say it out loud it is more real and this can be terrifying. Hence, it is necessary to be brave and seek for help when felt like it is needed.

Since phone counseling is done over the phone, it has this moment of anonymity, and talking to someone and not being face to face and in the same room may be liberating to most people. This may be the reason why this way of therapy is becoming popular.

What is the positive side of this; feeling anonymous while talking with someone may lead to more open-minded and free conversations. It can be very liberating to know that the therapist has no idea how you look like and for some people this is good since it makes them feel more comfortable and at peace. They do not need to dress up, or pay attention to how they sit and feel like they are being judged by their look; they can just focus on the problem and pour their hearts out.

Another very important thing that you do not face to face with the therapist and this makes people freer. By not being in the same room with the one talking, there is some social distance that will make people feel freer to just talk instead of thinking about what someone thinks about their hair, clothes, and appearance. Many people feel vulnerable when they need to all about themselves and what is really bothering them, so the anonymity of the phone counseling is reducing this feeling allowing them to focus on the real problem they have, instead of being additionally frustrated because of different thought about themselves and their appearance.

2. Availability and ease

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Another very important thing that many people love about this way of therapy is that it is available at all times. This gives them freedom of calling whenever they feel the need to do so, instead of calling to set up the appointment and wait for this to happen.

Some may experience an anxiety attack, or have an urge and need to resolve the issues, and being available and having the option to get the help when it is needed is very important since this urge is used to resolve problems way faster since the moment of wanting to resolve it is used. Some may lose the will to resolve the problem while waiting for the time scheduled for them to come, so phone counseling has one big plus when it comes to this. Many may talk themselves into that it is not that bad or important and diminish the problem. By being available at all times, there is no time for the one to change their mind and the will for solving the problem faster.

It is very important to state that the help is just one phone call away, and this feeling is something that makes the ones using the service feel safer. Since it is so easy, more and more people are willing to use this service and get the help they do need. Here, there is no putting new clothes and makeup or sitting properly, you just dial a number and just talk without feeling judged. This is truly important since most people are already feeling very insecure about themselves and their decisions, so knowing that the help is easy to be reached will give them a sense of peace.

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3. The feeling of being in control

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Many people do feel like their life is out of their control and regaining the sense of holding it together is a very important thing. Since all of the therapy is happening over the phone, there is something in this feeling where you are in charge and you can just hang up if you want to. Feeling that you can stop it anytime you like, it is something that most people find positive in these ways of therapy.

It is very important to state that most people will not just hang up and walk away even if the conversation is being tough, just the idea that this can be done gives the sense of controlling the whole situation. Many therapists are stating that it is very rare for this to happen, yet many users did tell them that just the option of this gives them some security.


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It is essential that if there is a problem, it is good to acknowledge it and work on this. The first step is always to admit that help is needed. Phone therapy is based on the real one, except it is done over the phone. By offering services like this, there are more people who are willing to call and get the help they need, since the sense of being anonymous and not in the same room with the therapist may be reveling to them. In addition to this, phone counseling is more available and the ones using it love the idea of being easy to access the help when needed. Lastly, this way is giving a sense of being in control, which is very important for the ones struggling.

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