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25 Nature Gifts for 5 Year Olds – 2024 Guide

Nature gifts for 5 year olds is a topic that many people are interested in. Turning 5 is an important age when children are very active and curious about the world around them. Especially for children who are interested in nature, it is crucial to stimulate children’s exploration and development.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, check out the gifts below. These gifts for nature lovers below are products that support children to explore the vast natural world, helping children to satisfy their imagination about the nature around them. Interesting gifts about nature will keep children interested and help them be brave in their exploring journey. Satisfy the child’s imagination about the natural world of the child. You can also find great gift ideas on giftomg.com!

1. Kids Binoculars

Source: space.com

If you are looking for a gift for 5-year-old kids, check out this kid binocular. This kid binocular is a product designed for children; it can see and hear. This present will be a product that encourages scientific exploration and discovery in kids. So consider this gift because of its convenience.

2. Backpack

This backpack is designed to be cute and compact to look like a friendly little bear for children. With bright colors, this product when used by children will be easily recognized by parents. With soft and comfortable material, it will bring a good user experience. That is why this product is one of the best gifts on the list of nature gifts for 5 year olds.

3. Girl Baby Doll Gift Set

Another gift to encourage children to explore the natural world is this girl baby doll gift set. This baby doll will be a gift to accompany children on their way to discovering nature. With an eye-catching and compact design, it is easy for children to carry. Moreover, this baby doll set can also stimulate children’s curiosity thanks to the small teddy bear in the set.

4. Teepee Playhouse

Source: elcalecho.com

A nature-themed gift for kids that you can’t miss is this teepee playhouse. This teepee playhouse is a child-sized product, so it can be used indoors or outdoors. This gift will bring the feeling of going camping for the kid, making them happy when they use this teepee house. That is why this is one of the great gifts for kids.

5. Bottle

5-year-olds are at the age when active children want to explore everything, so giving a bottle is a great idea. This bottle has a small design with a comfortable handle that is suitable for children to carry while exploring nature. Equipped with an extra straw, it will be easy for children to use. This bottle will be a meaningful gift for kids on any occasion, such as birthdays or Christmas.

6. Dinosaurs Figures

These dinosaur figures are designed for kids who always have big imaginations with 5 dinosaurs: T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Raptor. This gift will inspire inspiration and curiosity. Therefore, if you are looking for a gift for kids, refer to this product because it is convenient and helps children develop their imagination.

7. Boot Rain

This boot rain will be a companion product for children in exploring nature. Kids will always be curious about the rain, so giving kids a boot rain will help them confidently explore nature. Furthermore, This product is 100% waterproof from top to bottom to keep feet warm and dry. This will be one of the meaningful gifts on the list of nature gifts for 5 year olds kids.

8. Raincoat for Kids

Source: blog.elves-in-the-wardrobe.com.au

Another gift that encourages children’s curiosity about the rain is the raincoat. This raincoat will help children have fun playing in the rain without worrying about getting wet; with a safe, eco-friendly, and reusable design, this raincoat is a meaningful product. This raincoat is suitable for all seasons and outdoor activities, like a marathon, theme parks, shows, school sports, cycling, running, fishing, hiking, camping, rainy days, water rides, etc.

9. Stickers

A gift to help children get acquainted with animals is these animal stickers. This is a set of stickers suitable for children who love to explore nature. Full of animals, you can accompany your child on the journey to get to know animals. You can choose whether on the wall, dining table, books, refrigerator, or other convenient places for kids to see.

10. Swim Hat

A gift that helps protect children’s health when they explore nature is a swimming hat. This hat has a design suitable for children, with soft and UV-resistant materials, and this will be a suitable product for children. Moreover, this hat also keeps kids cool because of its breathable liner. This swimming hat will be an ideal choice for kids.

11. Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass will be a great gift to make it easier for your child to explore nature. With flower-shaped and bright colors, kids will be very happy to receive it. This gift will be a child’s companion to explore nature. So if you’re struggling to find gifts for your kids, check out this flower-shaped magnifying glass.

12. Frabill Wooden Bait Net

Source: fishmasters.com

On the list of nature gifts for 5 year olds kids, this Frabill wooden bait net is one of the great gifts. This product will be a companion for children when exploring nature in their garden. With its compact and safe design, it is suitable for children to use. This gift will help children become independent in exploring nature.

13. Watering Can with Flower

This watering can with flowers will be a perfect gift for children because of its eye-catching design. This watering can with flowers is a product with a creative design and bright colors; it can stimulate children’s motor skills and creativity. If you are struggling to find an ideal gift for your child, don’t forget to check this gift out.

14. Bug Bungalow

Bug bungalows will be an interesting product that children can bring along on their journey to discover nature. Turning 5 is the curious age of the world around children; with this product, kids can observe creatures easily, providing a closer look. This bug bungalow will be a perfect product for kids if you are looking for a gift.

15. Nature Exploring Kit

This nature exploring kit is a great gift for children to stimulate their curiosity about the natural world. With this gift, children will be able to explore nature and have fun thanks to the products in this kit. 5 years old is the age when children are active, so giving them gifts related to nature will make them happy, as they will feel your permission to allow them to play outside.

16. HABA Terra Kids Cork Boat

Source: amazon.ca

A great gift you can give your kid is this Kids Cork Boat. This boat is a product to help children increase their patience because this boat takes a short time to put together before children bring it to explore nature. This boat will be an ideal gift for children to bring when they go swimming or hang out with their family at the beach. This product will help children no longer be afraid of water.

17. Beach Toys for Kids

One of the great gifts that you can refer to on the list of nature gifts for 5 year olds is beach toys for kids. This product is a set of toys that help children confidently play on the beach. This product will help children unleash their creativity and explore the sand and the sea. With high quality and durability, it will be used for a long time.

18. Walkie Talkies for Kids

These walkie-talkies for kids will be a great product to help children enjoy exploring the natural world. This product is a useful gift for kids because it has a 2-way radio with high-quality walkie-talkies, static-free, extended long range, and a mic, with a simple push-to-talk button. This will be a product that helps children develop teamwork, promote exploration and improve their ability to explore.

19. Drawing Book

Learning to recognize animals in children is a necessity when they start to turn 5. This animal draw book will be a support product to help children satisfy their passion for creativity and discovery. This gift will be useful to help children entertain and familiarize themselves with animals in the wild. With more than 100 things to draw, this product will be a companion with children on the way to exploring nature.

20. Jumbo Tree Frog Plush

Source: amazon.ae

Most children love stuffed animals, so giving them a jumbo tree frog plush will make them delighted. This jumbo tree frog plush is a gift designed with high levels of detail to bring out the realistic look of the frog. With soft material, it will be safe for children to use. This frog stuffed animal will be a friend for children to play with in the bedroom, indoors, or outdoors.

21. Garden Wagon Play Set

This garden wagon playset will be a perfect gift for children on birthdays or Christmas. This play set has a cute design; it can attract children’s attention. Moreover, it helps to increase children’s ability to explore outdoor play. This play set will be a product that enhances the development of young children and helps young children play in the garden, satisfying their passion for exploring nature.

22. Flashlight with Easy-Grip Handle

Another great gift that you can refer to on the list of nature gifts for 5 year olds is this flashlight with an easy-grip handle. This gift will help kids explore their imaginary natural world at night. This gift is a large and colorful flashlight in an adorable ladybug shape. With this cute design, children will be delighted to receive it.

23. Science STEM Toy

Kids have a lot of curiosity about the world around them, so giving a science STEM toy will help them discover how many mysterious and beautiful things this natural world has. Kids can learn about our incredible universe with this telescope featuring amazing images. This gift will be a great product to help children experience their little fantasy world.

24. Wooden Push Toy

Source: wiltshirescrapstore.org.uk

A product that promotes movement in children that you can refer to is a Wooden Push Toy. This push toy will be a product that helps children move and move more thanks to its handle. Moreover, this product can also be played outdoors. Bright colors will encourage children to recognize colors.

25. Wooden Interactive Pieces

One of the best gifts that you can give kids is Wooden Interactive Pieces. This gift is a toy set that includes colorful wood figures of plants, Peter, Flopsy, a watering can, and a ladybug that moves along a track. This product will help children develop exploration and creativity. This play set will be a product that children can play with at home with their parents or siblings.


Source: parenting.firstcry.com

Kids who enjoy exploring and have a curiosity about nature will be pleased to receive presents with a nature theme. Choosing the perfect gift can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something creative and educational. The best presents are products that satisfy children’s natural curiosity and urge them to explore their surroundings. If you are looking for some nature gifts for 5 year olds, let’s refer to the above products.

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