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What Is The Fastest Class To Level In Classic Wow?

The video game industry has certainly changed over the last decade or so. Some say it is better off than before, others claim that the simpler times were more enjoyable. Whatever the truth may be, it cannot be denied that we now have so many more options both in the amount of games and the approaches we can take.

During the changes in the industry there was only a single game that saw it all. Due to its 17+ years on the scene, World of Warcraft is much more than another online game. It is a cultural phenomenon and a title that has managed to have millions of active players for almost two decades.

Nostalgia Strikes

As the new expansions kept coming, more and more players started missing the old content and the earlier expansions. Nostalgia is tricky and we often tend to hold the past times in high regard. One can never be sure they are in the good old times.

It is only when they are long gone that we realize it. Well, for WoW things are not that black and white. Due to popular demand and numerous private servers that have been doing it for years, Blizzard Entertainment decided to bring back the original WoW.

Classic is the New Modern

Source: pcgamer.com

A few years back, World of Warcraft Classic was introduced. It is a version of the game from 2004 when it was first launched without any new expansions, mechanics, tweaks, or content. An instant hit, it drew in players who were too young back then or not even born. More importantly, the old-school gamers came back to relive those iconic times. However, many soon realized that it was a much harder and less forgiving game in those times.

They wanted some of the new things like faster leveling and other progression. Therefore, the topic of what the fastest class to level in Classic is. In this article we talk about this very topic. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to check out https://buy-boost.com/wow if you need help with leveling in WoW Classic.

1. Hunter

Source: icy-veins.com

Hunters have always been great for leveling, ever since the initial release of the game. They are one of the pure ranged DPS classes, most of which are good at leveling in Classic. However, they also have some features other classes lack. For one, their pet can help them with tanking and therefore focusing only on pure DPS.

They have a speed boost and their Feign Death ability is great for tough situations where the player is overwhelmed. Back in the day, pet food and ammo for your bow/gun took up a lot of the inventory space, but it is a small price to pay for the sheer amount of leveling speed. Beast Mastery tree is the best for leveling because you can turn any pet into a rugged, sturdy tank.

Stamina and agility are easy to come by on gear. Playing a hunter is also both easy and fun, and you can do it alone while leveling. Healing the pet and putting down traps round up the amazing skillset of this class.

2. Mage

Right up there with the hunters are mages, another pure ranged DPS class that is all about dealing damage quickly and plenty. The crowd control of mages is matched by few, a great help with leveling when you need to zone some of them or battle an elite.

Conjuring food and drink to replenish health and mana is amazing and it saves gold as well as trips to vendors and the auction house. While we are talking about utilities, mages can also make portals to every major city, a great help to speed up traveling and eliminate down time.

Wearing cloth armor is the only downside, but that is more when PvP content is concerned. For leveling, mages are easily at the very top of the list no matter if you go Frost, Fire, or Arcane spec.

3. Warlock

Source: okaygotcha.com

To round up the trio of pure ranged DPS classes, we talk warlocks. Like hunters, they have pets. The demons they summon are of great help when you want to level quickly, as established, and warlocks have many of them for different situations.

Their AOE (area of effect) damage is unrivaled meaning you can target multiple enemies at once. The DOT (damage over time) spells will decimate them while you attack them with fell fire. You will also be able to summon players to instances, and you get a special class mount. Demonology spec is the best for leveling, but Affliction is also great.

A nice combination of the two would be best, something no longer available in modern WoW. Playing solo is the preferred way of leveling, just like with hunters and mages. But if you end up in a sticky situation, your healthstone is there to help you survive it.

4. Rogues and Warriors

Source: 10roar.com

Moving onto melee DPS specs, rogues and warriors are two classes that offer fun gameplay and interesting mechanics but only average leveling speed in classic. Rogues are very weak to start things out and need to replenish their health a lot due to the lack of natural healing.

Also, they can barely take on two enemies at the same time. Warriors can fight multiple enemies but their lack of healing is the ultimate problem. If you are to have any chance at faster leveling with these two classes, you need to level up the First Aid second profession.

They are also quit bad at leveling because they rely too much on good gear. They cannot heal themselves and they often rely on group leveling with a healer (priest or paladin for a warrior, druid for the rogue).

5. Other Classes

Source: pcgamesn.com

Priests are fine for leveling but only if they go shadow spec. This makes them similar to warlocks and mages, but they sacrifice some of the damage for shields and healing. Pairing up with a warrior will help both of you to level faster.

Druids are great for their travel form as they move faster than other classes at an earlier level. Feral druids are what you want for Classic leveling, a fine combo of DPS and tanking when choosing between cat and bear forms. Balance is not any good for leveling up though and Restoration makes no sense for leveling.

Paladins and Shamans do enough damage to level alone and can heal themselves plenty, but they are just okay at leveling quickly. Enhancement shamans and retribution paladins should be your only two spec choices when leveling these classes in WoW Classic.

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