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How Fast Are Electric Scooters?

That’s a matter of fact, that more and more electric scooters are visible on the roads. They’re becoming more popular and fashionable, and it’s not surprising at all. There are many reasons for their growing popularity. They don’t generate exhaust fumes harmful to the environment, they’re handy and easy to carry and… they can also reach really high speeds, which gives us the ability to quickly move between locations. It’s a proper time to answer the main question – how fast can an electric scooter go?

Significant speed factors

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First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the possibilities depend on several issues. What factors work together to ensure that the scooter can reach a specific speed? Among them, we can find both technical conditions and those that aren’t related to the parameters of the electric scooter.

Firstly, among the technical category, we’ll find such things as a battery or engine power. What we can include in the other factors group?

  1. The area of our movement. The urban space doesn’t pose too many difficulties when it comes to traveling on an electric scooter. A completely different situation occurs when we want to drive through undeveloped areas. Usually, the speed decrease is a result of unfavorable ground conditions. It’s natural. That’s why electric scooters, that we want to travel in undeveloped terrain, should be equipped not only with solid wheels but also with a powerful engine.
  2. Since we’ve touched on the issue of tires, it’s worth your while. They also have a significant influence on speed. High and solid wheels allow you to easily overcome undeveloped ground. In turn, low tires are useful when climbing hills.
  3. Weight of the person driving the vehicle. The heavier you are, the more energy the scooter will have to absorb to reach top speed. That’s why it’s worth choosing an e-scooter with a weight capacity higher than your weight.

All these factors could determine the speed. Depending on the circumstances it may be different and even the fastest electric scooter has to deal with it. In fact, manufacturers assume a certain potential of their electric machines, which is the maximum speed that can be achieved. There is a whole range of possibilities available on the market. Let’s look at specific examples. What speeds can be reached with an electric scooter? Are you ready?

So, here we start!

Deal with it – you won’t go faster

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Okay, many of us don’t really want to achieve high speed. It’s a very reasonable and safe approach to this topic.

In some countries, there are also speed limits for electric scooters. Therefore, it’s not even possible to go faster without fear of being fined. How fast does an electric scooter go in some places with such restrictions? Often electric scooters cannot achieve speeds higher than 15.5 mph. Some manufacturers follow these recommendations and don’t make faster vehicles. Such restrictions aren’t allowed in every country and place, so on the market, you can find many electric scooters, that exceed this speed limit with ease.It’s worth noting, that sometimes faster vehicles aren’t exactly what we want or need. Indeed. With 15.5 mph speed you can easily get from A to B, still having a much higher speed than pedestrians, better mobility than cars, and more maneuverability than a bicycle. Beginners would also do well if they choose something, that would enable them to train. Remember – speed is not everything, but it’s nice. Safety, range, weight – all of these factors are worth considering next to speed when we’re choosing an electric scooter.

Still, it’s not changing this matter, that you can find on the market vehicles which can achieve speeds far greater than the legal or average 15.5 mph. Let’s see some examples.

Fast, but not the fastest electric scooter

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A lot of electric scooters can reach up to twice the speed, which was mentioned above. This is possible thanks to a more powerful engine. Such vehicles are able to achieve about 22-44 mph.

This is the average speed you can get with an electric scooter, so the market is full of these types of vehicles.

There is a lot to choose from! The maximum range of the electric scooter also increases with speed. Many people are focused only on speed. They ask – how fast do motorized scooters go? But why do we need a scooter that doesn’t even reach the planned destination? Therefore, it’s also worth bearing in mind. Even among electric scooters are short runners, when it comes to the range – more is always better. Therefore, buying a faster electric scooter brings a lot of possibilities not only in speed cases.

We’re talking about speed, which is also related to acceleration. How does it look like in that case? How much time does an electric scooter need to reach a certain speed, when it comes to medium-speed vehicles? While weaker models can accelerate to a speed of 20 mph in about 8 seconds, better models will achieve the same in twice as short. Some examples of nice acceleration can be found in Apollo Scooters offer as well.

Fast and furious – what is the fastest electric scooter?

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Last but not least. What are the speed records for electric scooters? The Rion RE90 is the king of speed. The maximum speed it can reach is as high as 75 mph. Can you imagine it? Because we’re still in shock! The Dualtron X V2 is considered to be the second-fastest model in the world. Its maximum speed can reach up to 62 miles per hour. You can actually feel like a real king of the road on it. Many manufacturers offer products that can achieve a slightly lower speed. Some models can ride even with 58 mph speed, and they’re cheaper and better available.

It’s worth bearing in mind that technology is moving forward all the time, and it’s possible that in the future we’ll find even faster versions of electric scooters. It’s more than certain, that the question – how fast can an electric scooter go – will find even more impressive answers soon.

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