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7 Biggest Adult Toy Trends of 2024

Being satisfied sexually is a thing that is really important for everyone’s well-being. Not only because of the hormones, but the enjoyment of the act itself will make you feel awesome both when you start the day with it or stress relief method at the end of the day, whatever you prefer, maybe both. If you are not satisfied, the frustrations might ruin your mood, and you can be mean to others without a purpose.

However, being satisfied sexually doesn’t have to be only with a partner. There are a lot of adult toys that you can use to rock your world and make you feel great. Since there are so many of them you might have a hard time deciding what to choose if you are looking for the first one. On the other side, you can try many of them, one by one, and find out what you like more.

Since the previous year was bad enough, we were all trapped home, separated from our partners, the toys that were trendy were the ones that you can both use connected one to another that stimulates you at the same time.

This year, things are looking better so the toys that both partners can use simultaneously are the ones that will be popular. Other than them, great solo action toys will come out as well. In this article, we will talk about some of the biggest adult toy trends of this year.

You also may recognize some of these popular adult toys from their widespread use on adult video chat sites.

1. Vibrating rings

img source: api.news

These toys are great for pleasure for both partners. While the male places it on the base of their organ, it vibrates and stimulates him, the woman can feel the vibration on her clitoris so their act will be the best they ever had. This toy is great for any pose that you might enjoy especially when the woman is on the top and she rubs herself on it.

There are many companies that make these, with many different vibrating options, whether slow or fast, high pitched or more of a drilling sound so you can find whatever you desire and implement it in your game.

2. Suction toys

img source: onecms.io

These became famous a few years ago, but they are still one of the best inventions when it comes to adult toys. They are made for women and they are meant to stimulate the clit in a way that reminds of oral pleasure. All you have to do is to place the toy on top of the portion that you want to be suctioned and the device will do what it is supposed to. You can configure the power of it making the intensity weaker or stronger. This is really good because you can change the intensity in the middle of your session making it in a way you want it to be done naturally.

3. Sex Dolls

img source: shopee.com

Sex dolls were extremely taboo just a few years ago, but they are much more popular these days. They are more accessible, affordable, and of higher quality.

However, if you are getting one, make sure it is one of those made out of ultra-realistic skin materials such as the ones found on myminisexdoll.

4. Configurable dildoes

img source: tabooless.net

This is an invention that is pretty great because of few reasons. The whole point of using one is to be satisfied in the best way possible, that is why there are so many with a difference of length and width. Since everyone’s body is different it can’t be the same for every person out there. That is why there are toys that can be folded and shaped in a way that hits you best. You can say that this might be a universal toy that everyone can use efficiently.

5. Both way dildoes

img source: mytoyforjoy.com

When we talk about toys that both partners can use at the same time, if it is a same-sex relationship or in case the male is interested in things like this, you can use these toys. They are made in a way where both ends are shaped in the same way so that can be used at the same time by two persons. All you have to do is to insert it in both of you and use it in the same time. That way you can achieve climax at the same time, or if someone finishes faster, you can use it to help the other one. Although this is not a new toy, it might become popular in the upcoming years.

6. Simulators

img source: iggcdn.com

There are many types of simulators, both for males and females. For women, there are oral simulators that look like a tongue that can move and vibrate and that feel like you are getting eaten out. You can adjust the pace and intensity so you can enjoy the way you want. You can change it mid-action so you stimulate yourself the best way possible.

For men, there are also simulators like these, with the difference that they look different because of our physical difference. They are more of a cylindrical shape so you can insert your organ there and it has movements that are similar to the blowjob so you will have the same sensations when you use it. Many men enjoy using this so you might want to try it if it works the same for you.

7. Strap ons

img source: gflashy.com

They are great when your partner is into things like these, or they can be used in a way to stimulate both holes. So, you can penetrate one hole yourself, and use this toy for the other one. This way you can satisfy your partner in a double manner at the same time.

Things to keep in mind when looking for one

Since this whole industry is very little regulated, you have to be careful when you buy these toys. Don’t bait yourself for the cheap options, because they might contain materials that are toxic for you, especially because your mucosa is really sensitive. When you plan on getting one, please make your own research on whether to get the item or not. You can find reviews everywhere on the internet especially for items that are legit and which company stands behind them completely. It is better to pay more for something that you will use for a longer time and that will satisfy your needs in a way that you want.

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