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4 Tips on How to Balance Your Dog’s Treats During Training

Being a dog owner is a lovely thing, isn’t it? Whenever you come home from a tough day at work, there will be someone who will wait for you and welcome you in the most charming and adorable way. You will have a source of inspiration and motivation whenever you are sad, anxious, or depressed.

But, you also need to have in mind that having a pet is a big responsibility as well. If you do not act as a responsible dog owner, your dog may be in trouble.

Generally speaking, most people consider dogs kind, which they certainly are, but they all have to go through a process of training! Most people have the wrong approach when they are completing this task. They are trying to make their pets loyal to them which is wrong. You are training your dog for another reason – safety.

Your dog could get hurt if you do not teach him what he can or can’t do. The best way to do that is to use the so-called “reward-based method”. It is not a secret that all dogs LOVE treats, and they could eat them for the entire day. But, just because they are happy whenever they hear grocery store bags are rustling, that doesn’t mean you should give them to eat all the time. That will negatively influence their physical health!

In this article, we want to teach dog owners to balance their dog’s treats during training. If you decide to apply all the pieces of advice from the list below, we are pretty sure that dog training is going to be much easier and effective. Let’s get started!

1. Remember the Rule of 10%

Source: nbcnews.com

Well, this is one of the rules that experts are suggesting, and we do not have anything against that rule. According to different dog owners, lovers, and vets, the amount of treats your dog should get during training should not go over 10% of the amount of daily calories they are usually consuming.

It would probably be better to use an example that explains exactly what this means. We do not know which dog bread you have at home as each one has different needs. But, let’s say that your puppy consumes 500 calories a day. That would mean that your best friend should not consume more than 50 calories a day from treats. The remaining calories (in this case 450) should come from normal food.

While reading the previous part two paragraphs, you may manage to make another conclusion. 450 calories is a small amount, and reaching that goal with food that you and your family members are eating is going to be almost impossible. Because of that, people’s food should be something that you should avoid giving to your pet.

2. However, Understand the Difference between Dog Food and Dog Treats

Source: patchpuppy.com

Well, after hearing the piece of advice from the above, we are pretty sure that things are starting to become clear. But, we also assume that you have another question. Most dog owners do not even understand why they should not give more than 10% of daily calories from treats during training. Well, the reason for that is pretty simple. People need to understand that dog treats and dog food are not the same. More precisely, their main difference refers to the nutritional value or balance.

Let’s use your eating habits to make things clear. Would you want to add the daily calories only from chocolate and other types of candy? Even if you would, we are pretty sure you would not feel pretty good after a couple of days.

Dog food is actually there to protect your dog from any potential health issue. It doesn’t matter if you decide to purchase wet or dry dog food. It is essential that they constantly consume the necessary vitamins and minerals that will boost their immune response to any form of bacteria or virus.

On the other hand, dog treats have a different purpose. First of all, their purpose is to taste and smell nice and ensure that your dog feels nice whenever they consume this sort of ingredients. The sense they will get whenever you give them a treat during training is something that will help them understand certain commands such as “sit”, “come”, and others. We suggest you consider them as some sort of dessert that your puppy will get as a reward!

3. But, Some Treats Are Healthy as Well

Source: dogs.lovetoknow.com

It is not a secret that we are living in an innovative area. Things are improving in almost every possible business and science field. Thanks to some clever people as well as the online world that allows them to promote their products, there are also some treats that can be pretty good for the health of your pet.

As a dog owner, you should not hesitate to try out different things and see how your puppy is going to react. We strongly recommend you look for natural dog treats that are natural. It is not the point to train your dog with cheaply made dog treats, so we decided to highlight one more tip that you will certainly consider valuable. If finding the natural dog treats seems like a tough challenge, then we recommend you check out blog.homesalive.ca after reading this article and find out available options on the market!

4. Don’t Worry; Dog Treats Are Simple

Source: biggerbolderbaking.com

Well, this is something we have to highlight here. Deciding on dog treats is a good choice for many reasons. For starters, you will easily have a big number of repetitions which is an amazing thing if you are training your dog outside. For example, you can give your dog a treat whenever you call him to come back or to sit. Despite that, they are pretty practical and easy to carry as you can literally put them in your pocket or small bag whenever you go outside. Those are probably the reasons why people usually decide on them.

Final Thought

We have finally come to the end of this long article. As you see, dog treats are a practical tool that can help you train your dog and protect him from any potential issue that could occur. However, don’t overdo it! It is not the point that you accomplish a training session while your dog starts to deal with obesity. Apply the pieces of advice written in this article, and you will certainly ensure a happy environment for you and your dog.

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