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Why Baccarat is the World’s Biggest Casino Game

When we talk about gambling, most of the time we think about slots, poker, blackjack, but can you imagine how much popular is Baccarat among experienced gamblers? For many of them, it’s the best game in the world. It’s maybe one of the oldest games, and it was played in the past in Italian and French casinos, but today it’s popular in Asia and the USA too. On this website, you will find plenty of different interpretations of this popular game, and as you can see, it’s highly recognized almost everywhere.

It’s a highly profitable game for both gamblers and casino houses. These services earn billions of profit every year just by Baccarat, but you have to know that this game is most appropriate for the experienced gamblers, who are not interested in things like slots and poker anymore. And that’s normal since as they gain their experience, they love more challenge and excitement when gamble.

What is Baccarat?

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This is a casino game played with cards. The player and banker compare their “hands”, the value of the cards they hold, and either the player or banker can win, or they can be tied. There are a few versions of the game, based on the location, but in general, the rules are the same. It was very popular in the 19th century, but according to some sources, evidence of playing Baccarat can be traced back to the 15th century, or maybe earlier.

The game is fast, and you don’t need to spend hours on the table until you win (or lose) everything. The rules are pretty simple. The dealer deals the cards to the player and banker, faced up, and who has a sum closer to nine, wins. Every player gets two cards. The gambler can bet on a player or banker, or they can predict they will get equal sums. Sometimes, it can happen the value is more than nine, and different rules apply, like additional dealing, and dropping the one that is making the biggest difference in the sum.

There is another rule, for example, if a nine and eight are dealt, it’s 17, and the player/banker can choose to drop the first digit, and the result is now seven. Also, if the total is less than five, then the player or banker can ask for another card, to adjust the sum to be closer or equal to nine.

As you can see, there is no huge philosophy. The gambler simply bets on their favorite person and hopes their total will be closer to nine than the other one.

The values of the cards

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As you expect, the 2-9 cards equal their exact value, J, Q and K are 10, and aces are 1 point. Jokers aren’t used in these games. Their combinations can lead to results equal or close to nine, so the player or banker can win.

The most popular variations and types of this game

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In the USA, the UK, Scandinavia, Macau, Canada, and Australia, this game is known as Baccarat, or the other name is Punto banco. In this case, the rules are fixed. For example, if the player gets a total smaller than 5, they take the third card and combine what they have. Six or seven is considered as a result close to nine, and in this case, they stand. It’s the same about the banker. When written, the rules seem pretty complicated, but once you play Baccarat, or bet on it, it can become a very entertaining gambling activity for you.

The gambler is putting the bet, and the players are showing their results. It’s a simple win-or-lose game, that can cost a lot of money, especially for inexperienced casino enthusiasts.

Chemin de fer is another version of this game, with French origins, and this one is even quicker than the original – that’s why the name means “railway”, as the most popular transport method in France. One of the players is a banker, others are “punters”, and it can be used up to six decks of cards for it, depending on how many players are included. It’s even more exciting than the original version because the gamblers have more options to bet on. In this case, the banker gets two cards, and the other two are for all the other players together. The rule about getting a total of 9 or close to 9 is the same here too.

You probably won’t believe this, but the game is known as Macao, which you’ve maybe played at family gatherings or with friends, is also a version of Baccarat. Two decks of cards are used, and the gambler is betting on one of the players. The point is to create a chain of the same color or change it using the same value in a different color. This is more entertainment than gambling, and it’s rarely played in casinos. Baccarat Lightning is also one of the most popular game variants. If you want to play baccarat games online and try more games, I advise you to visit game168bet.com.

Why is it so popular?

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As you can see, it’s a win-or-lose strategy, and only one point or a tied result can make someone be the biggest winner or biggest loser that day. When playing slots, you can stop when you think it’s the right time for that, and withdraw what’s left behind. When playing poker, you can stop when you feel like that. But, once you bet on Baccarat, then you either win or lose the amount you put on the favorite player.

That makes it one of the most challenging and exciting games at the casinos, even though they are pretty simple to play and understand. Baccarat is also recognizable in popular culture, especially in the James Bond franchise. And once the people see their favorite secret agent playing it, they can get an impression they can do the same.

At the same time, it’s very risky, and if you don’t control yourself, you can end up losing every dollar you had in your pocket at the moment you joined the game. Of course, there are online versions of it, and in the past, this game was often rigged. That’s why today casinos are taking every precaution, to prevent the gamblers of situations like that.

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